TPM2.0-TSS “1.0” release

I had hoped to cut this 1.0 release last week but we received a few last minute contributions that fixed a number of stability issues and a buffer overflow in the resourcemgr. So better late than never, the 1.0 release of the TPM2.0-TSS code has been tagged!

As part of the release I went through and did some maintainer B.S. that was long overdue: adding an AUTHORS and MAINTAINERS file, as well as updating the CHANGELOG and porting it over to markdown (so it’s now

So now the work on the next release begins … I’m tempted to make a pile of resolutions outlining where I want to focus my efforts initially but given the hectic schedule I know how inaccurate and difficult to live up to they will be. So for now it’s just forward progress on all fronts!