Farewell to summer 2011

It’s been getting progressively colder and I can feel another Syracuse winter bearing down fast. Last Friday I got the feeling that I may not get the chance to do it again so I rode my motorcycle over to Shifty’s for lunch. It’s funny what we crave when faced with the end of the summer and the inevitability of winter. Hot dogs and PBR hit the spot for sure. Farewell summer, you will be missed.

change jar rolled

Took me about 4 hour to roll all of this change up. Probably not worth the time but it was strangely comforting performing a repetitive manual task for a while. Anyways it’s about $470 if I include a few dollar and 50 cent coins that were mixed in. Not bad for an old pickle jar full of change.

Normally I’d be scheming about the cool stuff I’d buy with my new found riches but they’re already destined to help pay off some new motorcycle parts. Oh yeah, motorcycle parts. I’ll up some photos and the like when they come in and I get the time to break out the wrenches.

change jar

I’ve been a slacker this past month and haven’t posted much technical stuff. Once class ended and work picked up for the summer I pretty much fell off the map. I’m working on a post now to describe the work I did over this past semester and hopefully where it will go over these next few months.

But for now I’m falling back on some filler. That’s right, completely useless information follows: my change jar is full!

Now it’s time to roll it up. Any guesses on how much $$ is in there? There’s lots of quarters so I’m guessing it’s gonna be around $400.