“Web: No gateway reply” Nokia N97 fix

Better late than never here’s how I got around that pesky “Web: No gateway reply” error message when using my N97 with the WiFi at my house.  Initially the wireless would work but after a while I started getting the error messages.  I took a lucky guess and figured the phone was doing some power saving stuff that was screwing up the link between it and my router.

Seemed reasonable to try to turn off any WiFi related power saving stuff and see if this made any difference.  This setting is buried so you’ll have to go to

Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Wireless LAN > Options > Settings > Options > Advanced Settings

You’ll get a warning messaging when you open the Advanced Settings that says

Changing advanced settings is not recommended. Continue anyway?

If they hide the configuration under a dozen dialog boxes and recommend that you don’t change it, you probably should … just a rule of thumb. Anyways, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll find the “Power saving” configuration.  By default mine was enabled but after disabling it I’m able to use the WiFi in my house quite reliably.

Sorry for the lack of screen shots but it looks like there isn’t a good screen capture application for the N97 yet.  That combined with the convoluted process to get a developer certificate to sign the program before installing it was enough to deter me for now … I’ll get to it eventually 🙂

2 thoughts on ““Web: No gateway reply” Nokia N97 fix

  1. Did you change any other settings like Phone IP, Default Gateway or subnet mask before turning off the WiFi power saver?

    I also turned off the power saver and I still get that error…


    1. Not really. Turning off the power saver seemed to do the trick on its own for me. The phone gets all of it’s WiFi connection info from my wireless access point so I don’t think changing any of this stuff will do you much good (unless the settings are obviously wrong). From having used the N97 for a few months now I can say that I’ve seen this error messages in more than one situation so the problem you’re experiencing may be a bit different. Specifically, I’ve seen it when using the web over the 3G connection a few times. I get the feeling that the “No Gateway reply” is a pretty generic timeout message 😦 Let me know when you find a solution.


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