Nokia N97 v20 firmware update requires Windows

Rant alert!

I was so pumped for this new firmware. Anything that makes my phone run better is a good thing. It’s even better when I can actually install it though! What the crap?!?! That’s right I can’t install it. Nokia is only distributing it initially for installation through their software updater that’s tied to some Microsoft Windows ™ software. Check out the release announcement in the Nokia forums.

Seriously? I’m not sure I follow the logic behind only distributing the update exclusively through the Windows ™ updater initially. Aren’t people running Windows ™ the ones that never update their software anyways? (ouch) The phone has a built in software updater for goodness sake! Sure it’s a big update (they list this as the reason it’s not distributed over the air yet) but so what!?!? I updated my firmware to v12 over the air the same day I bought the phone.

Gah! waiting != cool. For shame Nokia, for shame.

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