Raligh Restoration Update #2

My last post about this restoration project was a pretty big one. I’m thinking it’s a better idea to post about my progress in smaller steps and thus this post will be much shorter. Since last time I’ve taken on the brakes: they’ve been disassembled, cleaned, polished and greased. Here’s the before shot of the disassembled front brake:

After cleaning, polishing and reassembling the front brake here’s a shot of it beside the rear brake before cleaning:

Finally here’s the glamor shot of both cleaned and polished brakes:

I’m really pleased with how effective Mothers polish was on these. It’s kinda funny but it took me a little bit to get my technique down so the front brake isn’t quit as shiny as the rear (which I did second). No chance I’m taking it apart to polish it again though (my OCD isn’t that bad yet).

I’ve also got some new parts: a headset to replace the previous one that was completely shot, new pedals and some toe clips too. I’ll put up pictures and details as I put the bike back together.

2 thoughts on “Raligh Restoration Update #2

    1. Yeah it’s pretty bad and this is the kinda stuff that I find especially hard to leave alone (symmetry). I was really close to stripping down the front brake again. I think I stopped myself just to prove that I could.


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