Running OP for the First Time

OP is a little wonky to run the first time. Not because it doesn’t work but because it doesn’t appear to. Sounds strange right? Well the first time I fired it up (by running the run-op2 script in the root of the source tree) it loaded up the web page of one of the students working on the project. His name is Shou Tang [1].

Unfortunately OP loads most of his page, sometimes the whole thing, and then seems to get lost. Attempts to load any other page will fail. The little icon in the tab which indicates that it’s “thinking” continues to spin but nothing happens. If you fire up tcpdump and watch for http traffic you’ll see that OP is making web requests and getting responses but it doesn’t render the page at all.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of debug output. Since I’m not very familiar with the architecture yet there may be some debug that I just don’t know where to find. There is a warning that gets dumpted to the console indicating that a clientClosed signal is being ignored this warning is generated by a lot of pages, not just Shou’s page. I did get a few weird errors from X but I couldn’t seem to reproduce these reliably.

So to get OP working you need to fire it up using the run-op2 script and let it get all messed up by Shou’s page. Then pull down the Menu button that’s in the upper right side of the screen. Go into the Edit tab and select Preferences. In here change the default home page to something that won’t muck up the browser (I chose Google). Then restart the browser. This time you’ll start out on a different home page and hopefully this one won’t screw up OP.

I’m gonna hold off on speculating as to why Shou’s page messes up OP. Fixing this bug would be nice but it’s not really my focus. My next post will detail how OP starts up and hopefully some architectural details (which parts talk to each ether etc). Documenting this will be the first step towards laying out what a Type Enforcement policy (a la SELinux) for OP should look like.


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