Debian Logo Rights and Misuse

I’ve been traveling a whole bunch for work lately. A month or two ago I was on the road the hotel I was staying in was hosting a job fair that was put on by a company called the Catalyst Career Group. I couldn’t help but notice their logo looked familiar.

So after standing on my head in the middle of the lobby I realized that it’s just the Debian logo upside down. The Debian project is pretty explicit about the license they distribute their logo under [1] and this doesn’t follow the license by my reading of it.

Now what to do about it? The Debian legal mailing list [2] looks like the right place. I’ll update on the results of this one. Interesting stuff.


2 thoughts on “Debian Logo Rights and Misuse

  1. Hi

    Have you continued your investigations about this Debian logo usage? I’ve seen an input from you in the debian-legel but since the logo is copyrighte by Software in public interest (SPI) the debian-legal list couldn’t take action it would be up to SPI to ask CCG.

    I’ve compared the logo from and the one from Catalyst Caree Group:
    While their logo was in less good quality all the details I could see on SVG of the official Debian logo, are present on the Logo og Catalyst Career Group. – Well just upside-down.

    The logo usage license clearly states the usage within Debian or about Debian – and does not include the usage other ways if not otherwise granted.


  2. I’ve been pretty negligent in following up on this. My semester just ended today so no better time to get moving again. Thanks for the comment, especially in comparing the two logos. Good to have the similarity verified. I’ll post a follow up tonight hopefully to make the comparison between the two logos easy and obvious. Look for some traffic on debian-legal … and again, thanks!


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