giving up on sound daemons

After whipping up a quick script to kill and restart jackd when my laptop goes into S3 (/etc/pm/sleep.d) I had a revelation: any processes connected to jackd would have to reconnect. This doesn’t happen and sound is just lost. So for jackd to be usable on a laptop they need to support S3 directly and currently in the Debian unstable repositories Jackd doesn’t.

I gave esound a try in place of jack but with totem esd ran the cpu up to 20% for a flash movie which is pretty nuts. It had a noticeable impact on the video playback so esound got uninstalled as quickly as it was installed.

Finally I just fell back to using alsa directly. This actually worked perfectly and I’m not sure why I didn’t just go this route in the first place.

2 thoughts on “giving up on sound daemons

    1. pulseaudio is one I haven’t tried and it sounds like a great recommendation. After realizing I can get by without a sound server and considering how simple my needs are (basic sound output through media player, browser and a few other random apps) I’m hesitant to try it. Figure keep it simple as long as I can 🙂


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