Thruxton 900 Ceramic Exhaust

It’s a new year. I’m not one for resolutions but something I always aim to do is put up more info on the mods I’ve made to my 2004 Thruxton 900. Last time I posted it was about the chrome T100 engine covers I picked up. In those photos the exhaust was off because it was away getting a ceramic coat from a local guy a buddy of mine recommended. As promised (if a bit late) here are the photos of his work:

The contrast between the two photos above is pretty dramatic. They look even better on the bike:

The exhaust clamp covers had some large blemishes when I picked them up. The guy at Affordable Powder Coating in Cato N.Y. was cool and fixed ’em up for me without any hassle.

I’m very happy with the way this turned out. It didn’t cost much and the pipes run super cool too. After running for nearly an hour I can stop and touch the tail of the muffler and it’s almost cool enough to hold on. I wish I had a dyno run from before and after so I could be sure of the horse power difference but I can really feel it.

So this isn’t much of a DIY post since removing and replacing the exhaust is just a few bolts and a little grease. Helps to have an extra set of hands to fit the pipes through the frame too. The photos sure are nice though … they’ve got me longing for riding weather in a bad way.

2 thoughts on “Thruxton 900 Ceramic Exhaust

    1. It’s held up very well. The only places it’s chipped were caused by either impact (me doing dumb shit) or my luggage banging against it. The places that have chipped haven’t peeled either so I’ve had no reason to touch it up.

      I’m not sure if this is typical of ceramic coating or if I just got a particularly good deal. Either way I’m very happy with the work.


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