SELinux on Squeeze Laptop

I’ve been meaning to play around with the SELinux packages in Squeeze for a while now. Over this past weekend I finally got started. Russell Coker maintains these packages and you can find them on his website under the SELinux tag.

The Debian package for the policy is quite nice. The post install script even enumerates the installed packages and attempts to load the necessary policy modules. This is, of course, limited by a mapping in the post-install script that manually maps SELinux policy packages to the packages installed through dpkg. This will likely be difficult to maintain over time and was the source of the first bug that I ran into.

I’ve written in the past about playing around with the racoon daemon so I’ve got the ipsec-tools and racoon packages on my laptop. The selinux-policy-default post install script however was missing the mapping between the ipsec policy package and the Debian packages. 10 minutes of reading the script was enough to whip up a one-line patch even though I’ve never written a line of perl in my life. Russell picked up the patch and … problem solved!

There’s probably lots of little bugs like this lurking in the policy package most of which won’t be discovered until it’s installed on lots of different systems and configurations (servers, desktops, laptops etc). The Debian community in general doesn’t seem very interested in SELinux so this is probably a very good place to make some contributions. More to come.

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