Debian Squeeze power management and SELinux

Most of the work that’s gone into the Debian SELinux policy seems to have has been done on servers. After taking a serious look at the AVCs on my laptop it seems that most of the power management stuff isn’t quite working. It was close though so the patch I had to whip up wasn’t too serious. It basically came down to:

  • get policykit started properly by dbus (I guess it used to be started by init)
  • differences between file paths on Fedora and Debian
  • allow upowerd to execute anacron properly(pm-utils script executing the anacron init scrip)
  • allow upowerd to talk to the unconfined users dbus session (started by X login scripts)

The Debian SELinux mailing list is pretty much defunct so I’ve been sending these patches directly to the package maintainer. We’ll see if he picks it up. The patch (against the current unstable package) is here if anyone is interested. Just copy the patch file to the root of the current policy from unstable (get it via apt-get source) and then apply it:

patch -p2 < 2011-01-26_devicekit.patch

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