Nokia E7 Pre-Order Page Crashes N97 Browser

I had hoped to hold out on buying another cellphone until Nokia got their shit together and released the first Meego phone. With the latest news out of Nokia being a Microsoft partnership and the projected release of the N950 being “later in 2011” it’s become painfully obvious that my N97 just won’t make it.

I signed up on the Nokia website to get email notification when the C7 was available for preorder I finally got that email today. I was sitting in my mechanics waiting room when I got the email so followed the link in the email on my N97 and after loading up 828K of the web page … the browser stopped responding. Actually the whole phone stopped responding for almost a minute. Eventually the browser just crashed and the phone recovered.

This pretty much sums up my experience as an N97 user: irony around every corner with Nokia looking like they’re really trying hard to screw things up: your company website shouldn’t crash the phones you make!

Despite my complaints about the N97 it was a huge improvement over my Samsung BlackJack II that (sometimes) ran Windows Mobile 6. Hopefully when I shell out the small fortune for the C7 it’ll be even better.

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