EliteBook 2560p Intel 82579LM Debian Squeeze Install

Started with a new employer (Citrix) today. Naturally my first task of setting up a development system was more work than I wanted it to be. Turns out the EliteBook 2560p has Intel 83579LM network hardware and the Debian Squeeze e1000 driver predates it. Using ‘testing’ is always an option but not a very stable / appealing one.

The 2.6.38 kernel and drivers have been backported to squeeze so all that’s really needed is an installer with this kernel / drivers. I didn’t know until I’d burned a good half hour searching around the web that there are unofficial Squeeze installers complete with backports: http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/backports/squeeze/. One of those images is all you’ll need to get Squeeze running on a system with Intel 82579LM network hardware.

3 thoughts on “EliteBook 2560p Intel 82579LM Debian Squeeze Install

  1. Congrats on the new gig. Ironically, in a few weeks I was going to AFRL to teach a course (a long ways from WA state, where I live) and was going to introduce myself and share the progress Ive made w/Xen and MILS. Anyways, Citrix sounds like a good fit – good luck.

    I hope you keep up the great blog posts! I really enjoyed the MLS series, in particular.


    1. Thanks Scott. I’ll be working all sorts of SELinux and security issues for Citrix so my focus won’t be changing significantly. I’ve got another post in that MLS series in draft form so hopefully I’ll have that out by weeks end. Glad to hear you’re making a trip out this way, maybe we can find a way to meet up. I’ll pop you an email to see if we can sort out details.


  2. thanks a lot for the info, got to this post after about an hour of struggling.

    an unfortunate situation that i first netinstall a debian, and on a hw that is not supported — didn’t know whether my expectations are wrong or the installer.

    here’s the homepage for those unofficial images:



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