XT is Open

The last few years of my processional life have been, well, interesting … as in the apocryphal Chinese curse. Going into the details of the business end of this is beyond the scope of what belongs on this website. The bits related to the technology of XenClient XT however have been written about here in the past (see my tags for XenClient and my work on measured launch). The technology is always the most interesting and important stuff anyways and this time it’s not different.

This post marks an important mile stone: the core technology that makes up XenClient XT is now available in the open source as OpenXT. In my opinion this moment is long overdue. There have been several attempts to move this project to an open source development model in the past. Most of these efforts were before my time so I can’t claim any fame there. Those working on this project before me who realized that this technology would be best served by an open development model were indeed before their time and well ahead of the “decision makers” who held them back.

My only hope now is that we aren’t too late. That there is still some value in this code and that the world hasn’t passed us by. That the small community of people who care about the intersection of virtualization and security will rally and contribute to the code base to help us pay off the technical debt that has built up over the years and push forward new features and architectural advancements.

The new OpenXT tag will track work on this project. I filed the first bug against our bitbake metadata just now so hopefully it’s the first of many filed and fixed in the future. Happy hacking!

One thought on “XT is Open

  1. Hi Philip,
    Is there a pre-built OpenXT .iso build for Haswell I can download? I spent quite some time trying to learn how to compile a build but I’m not a software guy at all. I really only need to verify Measured Launch. Thanks for all the help when you were are Citrix.


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