Apache VirtualHost config gone after Wheezy to Jessie upgrade

Here’s a fun one that had me running in circles for a while today:

I’ve been running deluge and the deluge-webui on Debian Wheezy for a while now. Pretty solid. I needed to download a torrent using a magnet URI today and deluge-webui on Wheezy won’t do it. This feature was added to the webui in 1.3.4 though so the version in Jessie should work.

I did the typical dist-upgrade song and dance per the usual but after the upgrade Apache was all hosed up. It was just showing the default example page. All of access logs that would normally go to my configured virtual host were landing in /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log which is all wrong. I started out thinking it was the hostname of the system that got messed up but that was a dead end.

I started making progress when I found the command

apache2ctl -S

This dumps out a bunch of data about your configuration and it basically said that my VirtualHostM configuration was empty:

VirtualHost configuration:

Yeah it was basically an empty string. This seemed wrong but I wasn’t sure what to expect really. After banging around a bit longer and getting no where I finally decided to just disable and re-enable my site configuration. This was desperation because my site config was already linked into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled so it must have been enabled … right?

a2dissite mysite

But disabling it failed! It gave me some sort of “no such file” error. Whaaaaaa?. So I ran the commend through strace and it turns out that the new apache2 package on Jessie expects the site config file to have the suffix .conf. Changing the name of my site config fragment fixed this and I was then able to enable the config as expected.

That was unbelievably annoying. Hopefully this will save someone else a few minutes.

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