Route from Syracuse to Laconia

It’s getting close bike week in Laconia NH and I’m planning out another route from Syracuse NY to the event (ending point is Alton Bay). Previously I’ve made a run straight across using major highways (boring and dangerous) and a much more fun route through Vermont down route 100. This year I’m planning to re-create the Vermont route but hopefully over two days.

First off here’s the route I took with an old room mate back in 2009. It’s as long as it looks. With a stop for lunch it took us about 10 hours.

This year I’m shooting for a stop in western Massachusetts at a buddy’s house. I figure this will cut the route in two and make for a much more enjoyable route through Vermont. In 2009 by the time we reached routes 17 and 100 in VT we were almost too tired to enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to the switch-backs on 17 when I’m not half dead.

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