Thruxton ignition relocation

The weather’s starting to get nice and since I don’t have a garage to work in over the winter, I had to wait for nice weather to work on my Thruxton … in my driveway. Joker Machine makes some really nice bolt-ons and they’re pretty spendy so over the winter I picked up a few when I had a buck or two kicking around. A few days back when it finally hit 65 degrees outside I put on my ignition relocation kit.

The ignition location is a common complaint from Thruxton owners. It’s located on the headlight mount which is a bit odd, but really I’ve become used to it by now:

The relocation kit uses two bolts on the front of the frame as the anchor for the new bracket:

Removing the ignition is simple but it does require removing the headlight bracket to access the screws holding it in place:

After removing the ignition the fun begins. You can’t simply attach the new bracket with the existing cable. There just isn’t enough of it.

The ignition wires hook up to the main harness at a plug that’s housed in the headlight bucket. Actually just about everything that hooks up to the harness on the front end of the bike does so in the headlight bucket. So there are basically two options:

  • extend the ignition wires
  • cut into the harness and hope there’s enough wire in there to get the ignition to its new home

I went for the second option because I only needed a few extra inches of wire but it came at a cost: I couldn’t keep the connector between the ignition and the wiring harness in the headlight bucket. Here’s a shot of the harness with the cuts I had to make:

After that, wrap up the harness with electrical tape and stuff the connector up under the frame. Be sure to clean off the harness before you put the tape on it. Dirt makes tape pretty ineffective:

In the end it’ll look pretty cool:

The new location for the ignition isn’t any more convenient than the original if you ask me. Looks cool though.

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