ALIX3D2 Arrives

I’ve been hoping to upgrade my older ALIX2D3 router / firewall / wireless access point for a while now. While taking a few hours off from work over the holiday I surfed over to PCEngines and bought myself a Christmas present: a matching pair of ALIX3D2 boards and a Compex WLM200N5-23 MiniPCI card (802.11an) plus the necessary wires / cables / 5GHz antenna and enclosures etc.

Everything showed up in the mail today:

one board arrived with minor damage to the CF socket. Bent pins suck:

I’m waiting to hear back from the folks over at PCEngines to see how they want to handle a repair / return. I really want to just bend it back and hope it works but I’m worried if I break it off they won’t accept a return. Glad I bought two so I still have one to play with in the meantime.

My next post should be about me finally complete Masters project, but likely it’ll be about building OE for this device 🙂

PC Engines support was super quick to respond. They gave me permission to try to bend the pin back myself and ensured me that if my attempted repair failed they’d still replace the board. The pin bent back into place easily enough. I’m hoping to do an install tomorrow to be sure the CF slot is functional.

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