Troubles with Ovi Store after upgrading N8 to Anna

I took some time yesterday to upgrade my beloved Nokia N8 to the new(ish) Symbian^3 Anna build and it wasn’t a smooth upgrade. Upgrading through the Ovi Suite went well enough but applications like the Ovi Store just wouldn’t work after the upgrade. The Ovi Store application would install and start but would sit on the splash screen showing the “Loading …” message. At this point I did a hard reset that did nothing.

After combing through a hand full of forum posts I ran across this one in the Nokia Europe discussion boards. Initially I had no idea what this guy was talking about. I guess I’m used to my phone being an appliance so downgrading packages seemed pretty crazy, especially since I had no idea where to obtain the packages (sis files) described in the post. A few web searches later and I ran across the “Fix Symbian” site. Pretty encouraging name all things considered. Anyways all I did was download the sis files from the post titled “S^3 QT 4.7.3 MOBILITY 1.1.3″ which downgrades a number of components in the ” Notifications Support Package Symbian3 v1.1.11120″ package. Once quick reboot and Ovi Store was back up and running.

So I guess the Anna upgrade that Nokia is shipping is broken? Pretty strange really but not something that can’t be worked around thanks to some contributions from the interwebs. Unfortunately the upgrade to Anna didn’t fix the problems I’ve had with my N8 and my wireless access point. I’ll debug this sooner or later, likely when I upgrade my home network with the ALIX boards I got in the mail last week.

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